· Vertical furnaces
· Transfer furnaces
· Dryer furnaces and ovens
· Washing machines
· Loaders
· Transmissions
· Continuous furnaces
· Furnace repair and updates
        · Gas panels
· Temperature control
· Electrical panels and
· Automation
· Cadenas
· Cestas
· Cintas  
         · Crucibles
· Mesh and conveyor belt
· Muffles
· Heaters
· Turbines, blades and fans
· Radiant tubs
· Foundry grills, trays and

Heat treatment in industrial furnaces

Design and manufacture of vertical furnaces, transfer and continuous adapted to each costumer's requirements

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Electrical panels and automation

Line automation and control, Manoeuvre and potency electrical panels, control and supervision of temperature,... Panels with thyristors, regulators, programmer, touch-sensitive screen process screen, etc

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  1. Technical assistance service (SAT)
  2. Maintenance and repairs 24 hours 365 days
  3. Maintenance and repair by phone 24 hours x 7
  4. Installation removal
  5. Regulation chimmeney test
  6. Burners and combustion systems test


Partners NEW:

SOLO SWISS GROUP strengthens PROYCOTECME as the representant of Spain and Portugal. Thus, PROYCOTECME collaborate for marketing actions and service for heat treatment SOLO Swiss furnaces, standard ovens and stoves Swiss Borel in these countries, in order to offer the possibility to have a closer support in these territories .

SOLO Swiss Group (www.soloswiss.com)

Since 1945 SOLO Swiss Group has been a manufacturer of advanced industrial furnaces for the heat treatment of metals. SOLO Swiss is one of the oldest furnace manufacturers in Europe and exports its equipments all over the world with a strong presence in Asia. SOLO furnaces are particularly well suited for the treatment of the small complex metallic parts requiring an enhanced treatment for the most famous industries in the fields of aeronautics, cutlery, watch-making and micro mechanic industries .

Borel Swiss (www.borel.eu)

BOREL Swiss manufactures furnaces and ovens for all thermal processing application. BOREL Swiss provides a wide range of standard furnaces, ovens, Kilns, and many other equipments since 1927.